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The Ideal Library Symbolizes Everything a Society stands for. A Society Depends On Its Libraries To Know Who it Is, Because Libraries Are Societies Memory (A. Manguel). This Is My Attempt To Construct My Ideal library.

Malt Whisky Companion

Malt Whisky Companion - Michael Jackson Malt Whisky companion 6th ed Being this is my first ever public book review & having just got the Malt Whisky companion I thought serendipity (or words to that effect). This is the first edition since Michael Jackson died in 2008 & has been updated by Gavin D. Smith,Dominic Roskrow & William C. Meyers.All pledged with the intention of carrying on the great mans legacy.If you want a book on Malts that will tell you whats lousy lookelsewhere, thats not what this is about, if you want a book to guide youpoint you in the direction of a whisky to try, whether its scottish, japanese,american or from some far flung place you'd never associate with thedram this is your book.All the hard works been done for you if its in the book its good.Michael believed in the addage that if its bad just don't mention it,so when you look at the scoring system he barely marked below 60 which is an ok malt, 80's a fantastic malt & in the 90's we are talking divineinspiration. This book fullfills its brief admirably, it guides, you doesn't choose for you if you want more indepth information go elsewhere, but if you want a book to point you in the right direction this is it . It does exactly what it says on the cover.