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The Ideal Library Symbolizes Everything a Society stands for. A Society Depends On Its Libraries To Know Who it Is, Because Libraries Are Societies Memory (A. Manguel). This Is My Attempt To Construct My Ideal library.

Faber Book of 20th-Century Italian Poems

The Faber Book of 20th-Century Italian Poems - Jamie McKendrick “Italian poetry has as many different schools and factions as it’s politics has Parties – I Crepusculari, Hermeticism, Gruppo 63, etc.”. Which is where a broad based Anthology such as this can help, it sides with no particular group or faction, it merely offers an overview and as such can introduce - even if on a basic level - you to a whole new world of verse. Yet this Anthology wants more, James McKendrick’ s knowledge of Italian literature and culture is profound, as is his love and respect, this he wants to share with us, to give an impression of the depth and complexity of Italian poetry in the twentieth centuryhttp://parrishlantern.blogspot.com/2011/04/faber-book-of.html